QbS Forms Information

The USB-IF accepts Qualification by Similarity requests via online forms.  The forms are the primary means of communication between the USB-IF and the vendor regarding QbS requests.  Additional information or edits to the information on the form after submission are allowed.  There is no need to create a new form just to update information on an existing submission.  The forms should work using modern (HTML5 compliant) browsers.

Upon submitting a QbS form, please wait for a confirmation page summarizing the request.  A confirmation email will also be sent.  The confirmation will include a link to an online form that may be used to monitor the submission's status. 

Processing time is typically within 10-14 business days.  On occasion, the processing time may be longer due to industry events, holidays, illness and vacations.  During the review process, the status of the request will be updated on the form.  An email will be sent should any additional information be required or an assessment has been completed. 

The status of the submission may be monitored from the QbS Home Page or using the link provided on the confirmation page or in the confirmation email.  The content of the form may be edited and re-submitted anytime the status is identified as "new", "submitted" or "Information Needed."  The ability to cancel a submitted request may be done on the form while in these states as well.  Other states will not accept edits.

A brief summary of possible submission status follows:

There are Qualification by Similarity Request Forms for various product categories.  It is important to use the correct form for the type of product seeking certification.  When filling out a form, please answer each and every question completely and accurately.  Incomplete or inaccurate submissions will delay the processing of the request or cause the request to be denied.

Should additional information be requested, please open the online form provided in the confirmation email and submit the response via the form.  This will ensure that the information is kept with the submission and not lost in email.  Responses returned by email will delay the submission process.

     VTM Engineering and Technical Services Group